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I thought Id start off this little rant with an Invader Zim timeline.

3 30 01 The nightmare begins

7 25 01 Viacom claims Zim is a hit show and renews its contract for 20 more episodes. Even though theyve only aired 6 of the 20 episodes already made.

8 17 01 New episodes start again and continue in its regular time slot untill 9 07 01

9 11 01 We all know what happened on this day.

9 14 01 Zim was scheduled to air it does not.

9 21 01 The next episode in the series was pushed back so that scenes could be changed. They aired Bolognious maximus and game slave 2 instead.

9 22 01 thru 10 25 01 No new Zim.

10 26 01 As part of there Halloween weekend Nick airs Halloween Spectacular of Spooky doom.

1 17 02 Nickelodeon officially cancels Zim

Nickelodeon blamed poor ratings in there key demagraphic which was 2 to 11 year olds. Even though it claimed the show was a hit just 6 months prior. Even though they only aired two new episodes in the last 4 months leading up to there decision. No information was given on what exactly those ratings were. Invader Zim won awards at the Emmys and the Annies and had a growing internet fan base.


Nickelodens treatment of Zim since has been appaling. They switced his schedule then refused to show the episodes all together. They have created butt ugly martian dvds and super sumo dvds but no Zim. Clearly Zim was more popular than these two shows combined. Nickelodeon has yet to give us any plausible reason for this.